I am happy you found your way here.

My name is Amanda. I am a Swedish gal with many interests. I have studied web design, philosophy, social work and holistic health coaching. What unifies my interests is the strive to attain balance and harmony. I seek to find what the good life is—the one that Aristotle spoke of. I believe each individual has their own, unique potential, and my calling is to help you find and realize yours.

Chances are you found me through a website I made. To me, websites are a way of capturing your aesthetic and vibe and putting it out into the world. I like seeing websites as a digital living room, into which you can invite your tribe.

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Previous work

Design consultancy

Coaching business

The client wanted a simple yet playful website.

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Chances are you found me through a website I made, and you were curious enough to come here. I am glad you did!

To me, a website is like your living room on the web. I love creating spaces that capture your vibe and your aesthetics. Maybe you have a business idea that you want to make known to the world.

Whatever your goal is, I am here for you in the process.

Health coaching

When I was younger, I suffered from allergies. I was a prisoner in my own home, not being able to go outside because of pollen. Doctors would prescribe medication and I was told there was nothing I could do—it was a chronic condition.

One day, I was simply done. I longed to be free and I decided to do whatever it would take to become healthy. I spent hours and hours researching, and came upon the effect of dietary changes, such as fasting.

I did what the doctors said was impossible—I healed myself, and attained a freedom that I have only dreamt of before.

This experience has instilled a firm belief that anything is possible, and that a holistic view can help you heal what Western medicine cannot.

I have always known my mission on earth is to help others, to share with them the knowledge I have gathered.